<aside> 🚀 Welcome to our Roadmap!

We are a company with a big vision and we are passionate about our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve their experience with our product, and build towards the vision of the Independent Marketplace.

This Roadmap is a way for us to share our plans with our customers. We value our customers’ input and feedback, so don’t be shy about sending us a note at [email protected].

Thank you for the trust in us. We can’t wait to continue growing and building a better future for independent wine together.


A little historical recap


Vinebase began as a response to COVID shutdowns and their impact on small, independent wineries. When tasting rooms were forced to close, we created #SupportOurWineries - a social media campaign focused on telling the stories of small producers and activating consumers to discover and shop on their websites.

The campaign activated thousands of wine lovers, hundreds of wineries, and got coverage in major publications including Forbes and Vinepair.

But as the world settled into the “new normal”, selling wine online would never be the same. 500% growth in category penetration overnight meant that more consumers were now aware they could access the gems of wine country from their couch. On the other hand, the success of online sales weren’t evenly distributed. Big wine brands with big marketing teams fared well. But if you were a small or solo-operator team, you likely struggled.

The landscape for selling and growing online hasn’t been democratized for the small, independent producer.

In fall of 2020, we began building a solution.

2021, 1st Half

We build a foundation and framework for selling wine online. We build an entire, incredible wine shopping experience from the ground up, and tackled the basics of compliance, consumer experience, and discovery tools.

2021, 2nd Half

We watched wineries thrive on our marketplace, and followed the journeys of the most successful wineries to see what made their brands excel through the marketplace. We started working out what would need to be true for the independent marketplace to truly thrive. We started to realize that for the world we want to build, we’d need a platform that more wholly empowered the wineries we exist to support.